back to news + events October 15, 2021

Order the Warm Apple Fritter Doughnut at Oh! Donuts

John and Judy Kim debuted Oh! Donuts nearly a decade ago as a labor of love, a family business that they created to give back to their community. Now many years later, it’s become a local institution and a popular breakfast spot. The scratch-made doughnuts and sausage rolls bring customers back morning after morning.

Although the rotation changes slightly from day to day and season to season, Oh! Donuts always whips up fresh batches of classic confections like glazed ring doughnuts, gooey cinnamon rolls, and chocolate doughnuts stuffed with Bavarian cream. In the mood for something a little more autumnal? Try a warm apple fritter dusted with cinnamon or a Long John doughnut frosted with maple icing. If you’re in the mood for something savory, you can’t go wrong with one of the signature sausage rolls. Sweet, warm pillows of bread hug smoky sausages stuffed with cheese or jalapeno. For an added boost of protein, try the bacon-wrapped sausage roll, which is swathed in a flaky croissant. No matter what you order for the main course, don’t forget to round out your meal with a cup of piping-hot coffee, especially on a chilly fall morning.