back to news + events July 30, 2021

Have You Ever Visited Dark Star Park?

One of Arlington’s best-kept secrets, Dark Star Park is a must-visit spot for R&R. In 1984, artist Nancy Holt created an endearing and majestic piece of art that would forever mark the framework of this iconic city. The dark star sculpture consists of five concrete spheres, two steel poles, a stairway, and a small tunnel, often where spectators view the phenomenal piece of artwork. 

The best part of all, is when the magic happens, every year on August 1st at 9:30 am the sun is perfectly lined up in the sky with the construction of the sculpture creating a meeting of shadows, or as they call it in Arlington “the coming together of shadows.” This is what really draws crowds to this amazing park, but Dark Star Park also offers a beautiful water display and a serene park area for city dwellers to kick back and enjoy the outdoors. 

So be amazed by this phenomenal masterpiece and check out Dark Star Park, open every day from dusk to dawn.