back to news + events June 30, 2021

Enjoy Rolled Ice Cream at La Moo Creamery

La Moo Creamery is putting a fresh spin on the classic ice cream cone. Instead of swirling soft-serve into a cone, its ice cream artists flatten it and shave it into tight curls. Then they pack it up in cups and add gourmet toppings. It’s fittingly called rolled ice cream, and watching it being made into a masterpiece is half of the fun.

The other half is, of course, eating it. Try a rolled ice cream sundae like the cookies and cream, which is dusted with crushed Oreos, or the key lime pie, a summery treat featuring crumbled pie crust, graham crackers, and a dash of lime zest. For true chocolate lovers, the Muddy sundae should satisfy—it’s loaded with chocolate chips, cocoa puffs, and chocolate syrup. You can also skip the ice cream and try a milk tea, a Japanese-style sweet crepe, or a “Mooshake” instead.