back to news + events October 30, 2020

Craving Mexican Food? Head to Taco Bamba!

Is there anyone in this world who can’t appreciate a good taco? We think not. Especially not if they’re eating tacos at the newly opened Taco Bamba in Ballston! For those who have been to the other Taco Bamba locations throughout the state, you know what a treat our community is in for with the arrival of this new spot. 

The owner and chef is a culinary genius who has undergone years of training and also loves to combine flavors that connect him to his Peruvian and Cuban heritage. So, while it’s all about the tacos, these aren’t your average tacos and there are many options on the menu that are anything but traditional. It’s a good idea to check it out enough times you can try each and every taco on the menu and determine which are your favorites. 

Beyond the tacos, they also serve up nachos and tortas, but the nachos aren’t what you’d imagine. For some, the base is actually french fries, and it’s pretty delicious. Try it for yourself this week! You won’t be disappointed.