back to news + events September 28, 2020

Spend a Sunny Fall Day at Maywood Park

Sometimes you want something extravagant—a fancy dinner, luxurious vacation, and formal attire. But, more often than not, something simple will hit the spot. Maybe a picnic in a low-key spot, stocked with homemade PB&Js or leftover takeout. Jeans and a t-shirt are as dressed up as you need to get to enjoy yourself, alone or with friends or family members. What better spot to take advantage of this than Maywood Park

At just a quarter-acre, this park and playground is a cozy, fenced-in area perfect for a low-maintenance afternoon of sandwiches and shade. Settle in on a bench or at a table, or set up a blanket in the grass. Bring your kids, cousins, or honorary nieces and nephews along to enjoy slides and other playground equipment—by the time the day is done, they’ll be worn out enough to nap (and give you or their parents some well-deserved rest in the process). 

This “Mini Park” is an ideal spot for an afternoon of fun that won’t require a ton of planning, budgeting, or effort to pull off. Whether you stop by for a breath of fresh air over your lunch break or make a day of a trip to the park with your family, this simple spot packs plenty of potential into its small space.