November 2019

The Holidays Aren't Complete Without a Visit to the U.S. Botanic Garden's Seasonal Exhibit

November 11, 2019

Every holiday season, the U.S. Botanic Garden uses plants, trees, and twigs to create models of national landmarks as part of its popular Season's Greenings exhibit. This year, the display kicks off on Nov. 28 and will feature replicas of notable botanical gardens, including fountains, conservatories, and sculptures—all made out of plants!

Decorate With These On-Trend Colors This Fall

November 11, 2019

Fall is in full swing, and that means a lot of changes are taking place outside. The leaves are slowly transitioning from their vibrant summer green to a rainbow of autumn shades. The temperatures are creeping down from balmy to brisk. Dusk is showing up earlier each evening, and the dark lasts just a little bit longer each morning. Your home should reflect the changing seasons, too. Use these colors to bring the autumnal vibes indoors through your decor.

Give Your Thanksgiving Recipes a Local Twist at the Columbia Pike Farmers Market

November 11, 2019

Even though the weather is getting cooler with every passing day, the Columbia Pike Farmers Market is still going strong. Every Sunday from April through December you'll find dozens of vendors gathering to sell their wares (there's even a smaller winter version of the market that runs from January through March). This time of year, the farms are harvesting their cold-weather crops, and you're likely to find pumpkins, squash, kale, Brussels sprouts, and more.